List of well-known wholesale hair distributors you should know

Today, the hair extensions market is a potential market and is invested in by many people. If you also intend to enter this market, read the article below to refer to the famous wholesale hair distributors that you should cooperate with.

Overview of wholesale hair distributors.

Along with the development of the hair extensions market, there are many wholesale hair distributors in the world. With different quality, origin and prices, this is considered a diverse but also very complex market, especially for those who cooperate with wholesale hair distributors for the first time.


Human hair extensions of wholesale hair distributors

Wholesale hair distributors will collect real human hair from donors before processing and producing great hair extensions to satisfy clients’ beauty demands. Working with reliable human hair wholesale distributors provides you with more than just quality human hair extensions wholesale; you also get help and guidance from their staff. Especially at the moment, human hair extensions wholesale is gradually becoming a very potential and popular product in the world, so being careful will help you avoid scammers pretending to be wholesale hair distributors.

Where do the  wholesale hair distributors come from?

The world’s biggest wholesale hair distributors are centered in Asia, particularly in the three nations of Vietnam, China, and India. Let’s check at the similarities and contrasts between wholesale hair distributors from these countries.

Wholesale hair distributors in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country famous for its reputable wholesale hair distributors. This is completely understandable because most of human hair extensions wholesale from Vietnam them have the following features:

  • Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors have dependable raw material. In hilly or rural places, sunshine has less of an influence on Vietnamese women’s hair quality. Another reason is that human hair wholesale distributors often collect hair from young girls between 18 and 25 years old, the age when their hair is at its darkest, thickest, smoothest and strongest state.

One of Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors.

  • That is why the products of Vietnam wholesale hair distributors are quite reasonable compared to the market. Specifically, because human hair wholesale distributors do not need to spend too much on using chemicals to beautify raw human hair, they save on production costs.
  • However, what makes the products of Vietnam wholesale hair distributors so popular in the world is the quality. Industry experts and professional hair salons highly appreciate the softness, smoothness, suppleness and ease of styling of Vietnam’s wholesale hair distributors. To ensure product quality, wholesale hair distributors only use 2 types of hair: virgin hair and remy hair.

It’s clear that human hair wholesale distributors Vietnam is the right choice for most people who are looking for a partner to work together in the market for human hair extensions because of their high quality and reasonable prices. We are sure that the hair extensions from Vietnam’s wholesale hair distributors will not disappoint you.

Wholesale hair distributors in China.

China is also considered as a nation with a developed hair export background, with a large number of wholesale hair distributors in comparison to the rest of the world.

  • Because China’s hair extensions business has been evolving for a long time, most human hair wholesale distributors in China have a longer reputation than wholesale hair distributors in other countries such as Vietnam or India.
  • But the origin of Chinese human hair is not appreciated as wholesale hair distributors often collect from different sources, resulting in uneven hair quality and length. This is why wholesale hair distributors have to spend a lot of time on polishing and coating the hair with silicone even though those chemicals will quickly come off.
  • China’s wholesale hair distributors sell inexpensive but difficult-to-determine human hair extensions compared to Asia and the globe. Inexperienced salons can be confused since they don’t know whether the hair extensions they plan to wholesale are of excellent quality.

To sum up, China’s wholesale hair distributors offer human hair extensions which are reasonably priced and of average quality. If you are a person with low capital then you can consider wholesale hair distributors from this country.

Wholesale hair distributors in India.

Along with Vietnam and China, wholesale hair distributors from India are also well-liked by hair salons.

  • The most special feature of the hair extensions produced by wholesale hair distributors in India is that they are very cheap, the cheapest of the 3 countries mentioned in this article.
  • However, the quality of Indian hair extensions is not appreciated. Due to genetics, most of the raw real hair that wholesale hair distributors collect are thin, rough, and slightly curly, which makes it difficult for users to style. This is also the reason that hair salons are still confused when they intend to import hair extensions from human hair wholesale distributors in India.

Wholesale hair distributors from India will be suitable for those who have low capital and do not require high quality of human hair extensions.

5S Hair Factory – The Vietnamese leading wholesale hair distributors.

When looking for wholesale hair distributors in Vietnam, 5S Hair Factory is among the top options. This is a well-known manufacturer in the Vietnamese hair extension industry that has a significant portion of the market share.


You should choose reliable wholesale hair distributors like 5S Hair Factory

  • With more than 30 years in the profession, 5S Hair has become a most famous brand compared to other wholesale hair distributors in Vietnam in particular and the world in general. Products of wholesale hair distributors such as 5S Hair Factory are favored by professional salons because of their high quality, the hair extensions of this factory are undeniably shiny, smooth and thick.
  • Regarding the cost, 5S Hair is recognized as one of the wholesale hair distributors in the market for hair extensions that offers hair extensions at prices that are noticeably lower than average while still ensuring the product’s high level of quality. For instance, if you want to get wholesale hair distributors like 5S Hair’s wholesale human hair extensions in a length of 12 inches (30 centimeters), you will only need to pay $24.4 for super double drawn hair, $18.9 for double drawn hair, and $16.2 for single drawn hair, the price is hard to find in other wholesale hair distributors.